Almyra Holiday Village is set at a privileged location by the seaside road less than 10 metres from the beach and only 2km away from the town centre. Situated in the central part of the area provides quick access to key points. So you only need 2 minutes to get to the centre of the town (port) by car and less than 20 minutes to visit the most remote beach bar of the area. On the other hand, if you like adventures, you can easily visit one of the nearby towns and villages, in order to go sightseeing or take a swim in one of the countless beaches (organized or not) of the surrounding area.


  • thermal springs of Loutra Aedipsou

  • old baths of Loutra Aedipsou

  • Lichades Islands

  • Gregolimano

  • Tower of Orei

  • Vasilina’s Lighthouse

  • Saint David’s Monastery

  • Drymona’s Waterfalls

  • Old Shipwreck

  • Mylos beach

  • St. George of Lichada cape